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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Father of Systems Thinking

Karl Ludwig von Bertalanffy is regarded as the founding father of systems thinking. He was born in Vienna, Austria on September 19, 1901 and died in New York City on June 12, 1972. Some of his publications in English language include:

Bertalanffy, L. von (1932). Modern theory of development. New York:

Bertalanffy, L. von (1950). An outline of general system theory, British
Journal for the Philosophy of Science (1) : 139-164

Bertalanffy, L. von (1951). General system theory A new approach to
unity of science (Symposium), Human Biology, Dec 1951, ( 23): 303-361

Bertalanffy, L. von (1968). General system theory: Foundations,
development, applications, New York: George Braziller.

Bertalanffy, L. von(1968). The organismic psychology and systems
theory, Worcester.


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