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Monday, April 28, 2014

MOOCs and Beyond | Open Education Europa

MOOCs and Beyond | Open Education Europa:

A rich set of papers on MOOCs

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Mexican distance education Universities

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Universidad Abierta a Distancia.  SEP (Ministry of Education). Established in 2011. It has 74,067 enrolled students. BAs in  biotechnology, citizen's security, community development, cultural management, educational development,  renewable energies, software development and telematics.

Sistema de Universidad Abierta (SUA/UNAM). National Autonomous University of Mexico. It has 23,841 students. 12 BA Programs, among them:  accounting, business management, communication,   law, psychology, pedagogy and social work.

Universidad Virtual de Guadalajara (SUV.UdeG) University of Guadalajara.  "More than 20 years using this modality" (p. 10). It has 3,364 enrolled students. It offers six BA Programs: Bibliotecology, business in organizations, cultural management, education and citizen's security and information technology.

Retention Figures

32 students were enrolled (neither career or university are mentioned by Rivera). 21 concluded the course work, 2 obtained a BA diploma.

Manuel Moreno, President of SUV/UdeG reported that this cycle 1,500 stopped temporarily the coursework though he expects "to recover at least half of them as it occurred en the last academic cycle" (p. 11)

Source: Gabriela Rivera (2014m Apil 28). Escepticismo pesa sobre Universidad a Distancia [24 horas] Section A, 10-11.